A Delos experience by Sonette Barnardt

I had one of those beautiful moments that I want to recall often and share with you!!!

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to Cape Town – she had one or other mission to get hold of a beautiful carpet. Sad to say there was no deal!! We had to cheer ourselves up and took the streets of Salt River.

We came across this beautiful old building with the most beautiful old doors and windows, piles and piles of old French cast iron urns, architectural cast iron art works , marble baths and lots and lots more.

Ohhh I just knew we’re going to have a feast . . .We stepped inside and for a moment I was speechless! My heart missed a beat and I was out of breath . . . .
It is common knowledge that I adore chandeliers – I had never seen so many beauties together!
At this early stage of our wonderful journey, the loss of the carpet was long forgotten . . .
This is the workshop . . .
Yes believe me . . . this IS the workshop!!!


All their chandeliers (and believe me there are thousands of them!) are constructed on-site in the workshop, some from scratch and others, after lots of love and care, are restored.

Commonly thought of as one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets, they have stunning unique products. They love their finds as much as people coming in to buy or just browsers who enjoy all their beauties. They love to have visitors, shoppers and welcomed us with open arms.

Delos is situated in the old St Mary’s School – The place really has a unique atmosphere – you can smell the history. I love the black and white marble floor, high ceilings, gorgeous windows and doors.



This article was written by Sonette Barnardt May 2012

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